PrevViral proudly announces the launch of their new website. With this, the first product that is offered is a COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit, under the product name Fluorecare ©.

The product is manufactured in Shenzhen by the company Microprofit Biotech, which is a top player in developing high quality COVID-19 products. PrevViral plans to introduce more products, including a rapid antibody test, via their website by the end of 2020.

PrevViral is a collective of ambitious entrepreneurs in health and life sciences, which was established during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The company is committed to bring the best preventive tools against infectious diseases to Europe to get you back to business safely. PrevViral has a unique network in the Asian medical world and distributes these products for the European market. Right now, PrevViral primarily focuses on rapid antigen tests because these ares powerful tool for our society to open again. The use of frequent rapid tests allows people to find out whether they are infectious and to self-isolate at an early stage of the disease. This could stop or limit onward transmission of COVID-19 and prevent local outbreaks.

Sander Julian Brus, CEO of PrevViral, commented that “In these difficult times as the coronavirus continues to spread, we believe that ensuring each other’s safety and curtailing the harmful effects of the disease are of utmost importance. Therefore, we offer medical products that help curb the impact of the virus and slow down its spread. PrevViral focuses on COVID-19 antigen rapid tests, which are easy-to-use and provides a result within just 15 minutes on whether someone is contagious with COVID-19. We want to contribute to a better society and believe that this will be one of the pillars to protect us against the rapid growth of infections. We look forward to building our reputation among businesses as well as the European society.”

More information about the products and services offered by PrevViral can be found on

Contact info:
Name: Sander Julian Brus, CEO
Organization: PrevViral
Address: Nieuwe Achtergracht 91-3, 1018 WP Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 31 68 05 88


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