Who We Are

In these difficult times as the coronavirus continues to spread, we believe that ensuring each other's safety and curtailing the harmful effects of the disease are of utmost importance. Therefore, we offer medical products that help curb the impact of the virus and slow down its spread. Where PrevViral previously focused on high-quality medical face masks, we now focus on COVID-19 antigen rapid tests. These tests are easy-to-use and provide a result within just 15 minutes whether someone is contagious with COVID-19. We want to contribute to a better society and believe that this will be one of the pillars to protect us against the rapid growth of infections. We aim to bring high quality testkits direct to businesses or consumers for fair prices. We explicitly focus on society and businesses, and therefore offer our product B2B. Enter our network of Chinese expertise to get back to business safely.

The best quality preventive technologies

Time for A Change

This new COVID-19 antigen test is an important addition to available testing methods because results can be read in minutes and do not require laboratory equipment. This results in people knowing their COVID-19 infectivity status in just 15 minutes. Due to its simpler design and the large number of tests we anticipate supplying in the coming months, this new antigen test is an important advancement in our fight against the pandemic.

Connecting Chinese expertise with Europe

Our True Commitment

China has unique expertise in battling airborne viral infections, e.g. SARS and Influenza. This enabled them to produce and deploy the best quality medical products and technologies on a large scale. In the Western world outbreaks of airborne infections are less common, which has led to a different level of preparedness and prevention. As we have a unique Chinese medical network, our goal is to connect Chinese expertise with Western businesses.

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The faces behind PrevViral

Meet Our Team

Sander Julian Brus

CEO & Co-Founder

Sander has obtained his bachelor in Medical Natural Science and Master in Management and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam. He has gained experience in both qualitative and quantitative research throughout internships at IBM Watson, Amsterdam UMC Intensive Care and myTomorrows. Sander is passionate about disruptive socio-technical innovations and thrilled to be part of a start-up environment.

Michiel Pham

Marketing Manager

Michiel has a demonstrated history in the healthcare sector. After graduating from his bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, he continued his academic career by completing the master Management and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences at VU University. Besides academic knowledge, he gained practical experience at Roche Diagnostics where he conducted implementation research of rapid tests in The Netherlands. Furthermore, at Sanofi he expanded his skills within the digital healthcare marketing field. Here he developed a multichannel marketing strategy for a novel asthma therapy.

Erik Hoving

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Erik Hoving, 57, is father of 2 daughters and two sons. Being a engineer from study, Erik worked as an advisor, a CEO of a publicly listed company and lastly for 10 years as CTO of KPN. For the last 6 years Erik has been boardmember of Mytomorrows, where healthcare meets technology.

Bas Louis


Bas has obtained his bachelor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He is dedicated to help PrevViral within operations and marketing. Bas is continuously scanning the most recent literature about COVID and helps PrevViral with writing articles and blogs.

Eric Brabander

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Eric Brabander, 55, married and father of 5 children. Eric is an experienced founder, entrepreneur with a background in operations, IT and healthcare. Eric’s passion is to create and build new companies with and run by young people who want to make an impact on the status quo.

Fissia Liao

Business Development & Logistics

Fissia has a lot of experience in Finance and logistics. She worked as financing director for ZTE Europe for over 14 years, and has an unique network in China.