Antigen Rapid Test Kit – Fluorecare (5 pack)


Prices starting from €2,99 per test. 

PrevViral’s rapid antigen test is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-COV-2 antigen (nucleocapsid protein and spike protein) in upper respiratory samples by the use of nasal swabs. The test is officially CE-marked as a self-test and is listed on the European common list of antigen tests. This indicates that our test can be used as a self-test at home.

Our rapid antigen test, under the product name Fluorecare from the manufacturer Microprofit, is easy-to-use and provides results within just 15 minutes. We offer five-packs in which all necessary equipment is included. The instruction for use (IFU) comes in four different languages: Dutch, English, French and German.

PrevViral started to work together with Microprofit at the start of this pandemic. At the beginning of 2021 we initiated a clinical study to evaluate the Fluorecare tests and compare its accuracy with other antigen tests. This study concluded that Fluorecare has a higher sensitivity compared to the well-known antigen tests from Roche and Abbott. Moreover, other countries and institutions evaluated the Fluorecare test. Recently the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute conducted an evaluation of the test resulting in a sensitivity of 100% at Ct<25 and specificity of 100%. Overall, the sensitivity of the test compared to the gold standard PCR is: sensitivity 92.93% and specificity 100%. Because of the high-quality standards of Microprofit and our good relation with their team, we choose to work with their rapid antigen test.

In December 2021, Microprofit officially stated that Fluorecare rapid test can effectively detect the new Omicron variant, and circulating Delta variant.

Why choose PrevViral’s antigen rapid test?
Quick results within just 15 minutes
CE certified
Excellent accuracy

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